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23 oktober 2019 15:57 av https://99man.kr/mart9


coincide with the wet season, meaning that a fire they spark will likely “burn out within a few meters,” explains Crystal McMichael, an assistant professor at the

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23 oktober 2019 15:55 av https://99man.kr/mart3


Action Center at the Field Museum in Chicago. While lightning strikes may char a tree or savanna at the edge of portions of the Amazon, most threatening bolts

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23 oktober 2019 15:52 av https://onca.site/cocoin


Typically, in the Amazon proper, researchers associate any charcoal at all with human presence,” says Nigel Pitman, a conservation ecologist at the Keller Science

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23 oktober 2019 15:50 av https://onca.site/the9


information about the damage we can currently see from space. This year’s damage will be etched into natural history in the form of charcoal.

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23 oktober 2019 15:47 av https://onca.site/onbaba


thousands of years from now, scientists could sift through what’s left behind and puzzle out some information about the damage we can currently see

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23 oktober 2019 15:42 av https://onca.site/oncama


Long after the fires stop, the legacy of their destruction will linger in the earth, and in the trees that eventually sprout inside the burned area. Tens, hundreds, even

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23 oktober 2019 15:38 av https://onca.site/yes


gathered aboard NASA satellites, the Brazilian Amazon hasn’t seen fires this numerous and intense since 2010. Meanwhile, some of Bolivia’s forests are also ablaze.

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23 oktober 2019 15:35 av https://onca.site/first


displaced the creatures that live in the forest, encroached on land demarcated for indigenous groups, and smudged the skies of faraway cities. Judging by data

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23 oktober 2019 15:32 av https://onca.site/theking


several recent weeks of intense blazes have turned lush green landscapes gray and brown, reducing trees to skeletal stumps in billows of smoke. The fires have

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23 oktober 2019 15:31 av https://onca.site


In Brazil, tens of thousands of fires have scorched the rainforest this year, according to the country’s National Institute for Space Research, and

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